Why choose PU heat transfer vinyl ?

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With the improvement of living standards, the requirements of everyone's life needs are becoming more and more demanding, especially clothing direct contact with the skin class, the pattern on the clothes is through the heat transfer lettering film stamping out, so its quality is particularly important.


Heat transfer Vinyl : 

Engraving film is a special function printing film with adhesive graphics, under the joint action of heat and pressure, together with the release layer from the carrier film, firmly transferred on the surface of the substrate.

The engraving film is generally composed of 3 to 5 layers. Three-layer thermal transfer film consists of the base layer, printing layer, and adhesive layer; four-layer thermal transfer film consists of the base layer, release layer, printing layer, and adhesive layer; five-layer thermal transfer film consists of the base layer, release layer, printing layer, adhesive layer, and hot melt adhesive powder layer.


PU lettering Vinyl: 

Product features

1. Rich and clear color.

2. Excellent hand feels, soft and non-cracking, elastic, no color loss, no fading, machine wash, hand wash, no odor, fashion, and environmental protection.

3. The use of equipment is simple, as long as there is a computer, computer engraving, painting machine, and ironing machine can be used.

4. can be divided into fast text or patterns only a few seconds to engrave well.

5. No need to make plates, save the time and cost of making plates, immediately available, saving manpower and material resources.

6. The packaging in rolls, so you can engrave as much as you want, using the corner materials to avoid waste, cost control. 


Scope of application

Applicable to a variety of including cotton, non-woven, and another low-temperature embossing material textile fabrics, not limited by the color of the substrate, covering power is very well.

The scope of use is very wide: digital number, personalized pattern transfer, logo text, clothing accessories, leather, oversized text printing, LOGO production, the monochrome pattern of heat transfer production, etc., more can produce full-color photo airbrush real hot stamping, after the transfer of the feel is very good, enough thickness, elasticity is very strong.


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