SD13-7 DTF PET film Cold peel premium direct to film

The DTF PET film is also called the white ink printing film. The water-based colored ink and white ink are directly printed on the printing film through the printer to form various beautiful patterns, spray the hot melt powder on it and dry it, and then heat press on the ironing object.

Product description


                             RECOMMENDED CONDITIONS                                                        HOW TO USE

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                                      Ink                                        Time                            Temperature


                                    Water pigment ink                       10~15sec                        150℃ (302℉)


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                               Pressure                               Peel type                            Washing


                                        32~36psi                               Cool peel                       Machine / hand


Product Features: 

▶  Width: 30cm, 33cm, 60cm, 120cm or other customized width

▶  Length: 100m or other customized lengths 

▶  Soft touch, good elasticity, and good washing fastness.

▶  Perfect for small and big designs.

▶  It is eco-friendly, there is no discomfort in contact with the skin, and no damage to the skin.

▶  It is suitable for cotton, poly, cotton-poly blend, textile, and leather.




  75UM + 3UM


  Single site matte


  Hot & Cold Peel

  Transfer Temp

  150℃ – 160℃ / 302’F – 320’F  

  Transfer Time


  Transfer Pressure  



  1 ROLL


●  It is strictly forbidden to collide with sharp objects. When the vinyl is not used up, please seal it and store it to prevent humidity and high temperature.

●  The storage conditions are temperature -5 to 30 degrees, humidity 40-80%.

●  It is normal for the surface to have a slight stickiness. 

●  Reasonably control the heat press temperature and time. If the temperature is too high or the time is too long, it is easy to cause discoloration or a decrease in elasticity.

●  Not use strong corrosive detergents, not dry cleaning, and not use bleach. 

●  It is best to use water below 40 degrees, cold water is the best.

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