Water-based Refill CMYK White DTF Pigment Ink

DTF ink is a pigment ink and has CMYK + white colors. It is recommended to use 2-pass printing. The first layer is CMYK colors and the second is the white layer. White ink is on which the colored design is printed. Also, we recommend the exclusive use of inks specially formulated for DTF, to avoid clogging the print head or causing other technical problems. TIS quality pigments ensure vibrant, saturated colors, but at the same time with long resistance to washing.

Product description

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Product Features: 

▶   It is made of imported raw materials, access to the printer head.

▶  With 3-grade filtration, clean the impurities and particles in ink, and never clog the nozzle.

▶  The ink is tested under low and high temperatures several times, to keep the ink’s chemical stability, not easy to change. 

▶  Using our ink can save more than 90% on printing expenses. 

▶  Anti-UV indoor ink has waterproof properties.

▶  With high light fastness and washing resistance, the Dry rubbing and wet rubbing fastness up to 4-5 grade.

▶  Dry rubbing, wet rubbing, and perspiration fastness 4-5 grade. 


  Pigment ink 


  CMYK + white 


  200ml, 550ml, 1000ml, and others 



  Suitable Printer   

  I3200/DX4/DX5/DX7/5113/4720 printhead, and others    


●  Bright color printing, good matching the original color;

●  High compatibility, barely blocking the printer head;

●  Long-term usage, 12 moth quality guarantee period;

●  Sample ordering is welcome and cost-effective for large quantities.


●  High-quality assurance,3 times QC testing before ex-factory.

●  Responsible and thoughtful after-sale service.

●  100% guarantee and 1:1 replacement for defective goods.

●  Competitive prices, for larger quantity prices are consultable.

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